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Pierre Rochard, Founder of Lightning Power Users.
In this episode for Lightning Month, I talk with Nic Carter and Pierre Rochard about the economics of The Lightning Network. We discuss the fee market, the future of the block subsidy and whether base chain fees will lead to a two-tier Bitcoin.
Subscribe to Hidden Forces and gain access to the episode overtime, transcript, and show rundown here: In Episode 75 of Hidden Forces, Demetri Kofinas speaks with Pierre Rochard, a self-ascribed Bitcoin Maximalist who co-founded the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute and who has been a researcher, investor, and software developer in the space since early 2013.

Chain-in 2018: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference ( Abstract: Discussions about Bitcoin protocol governance focus on implementation developers and proof-of-work timestamping, but tend to ignore the peer-to-peer network of nodes. This talk explains why network governance determines Bitcoin's consensus, not developers or miners.

In this episode, I talk with Pierre Richard, host of the Noded Bitcoin podcast and co-founder of the Nakamoto Institute. In this interview, we talk about Bitcoin Maximalism, the net benefit of altcoins to Bitcoin and hyperbitcoinization.
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