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Headquartered in New York City, Bitcoin Advisory is a trusted source of insights about Bitcoin. Our independent firm specializes in Bitcoin's economics and software engineering. Whether you are a private investor, family office, hedge fund, or an endowment fund, we explain how and why Bitcoin works, as well as help you navigate its ecosystem. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every consultation and customize our content to your individual needs and concerns.

Pierre Rochard has been involved in Bitcoin since February 2013. He co-founded the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute to curate the best primary source literature on Bitcoin and cryptography. In addition to developing Bitcoin software, Pierre is an outspoken advocate for Bitcoin's decentralized governance. In 2017 he began co-hosting the Noded Bitcoin Podcast. Pierre is widely recognized as an authority on the investment case for Bitcoin.

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Our Services

Fundamental Investment Theses

A diverse set of views exists on the fundamentals of Bitcoin as an investable asset, with analogies ranging from tulips to gold. Whether you are excited or skeptical about Bitcoin, we can help familiarize you with each investment thesis, its strengths and weaknesses, and its implications.

Practical Tutorials

We provide hands-on, step-by-step tutorials for investors. These tutorials include setting up hardware and software wallets, sending and receiving transactions, and querying a full node for transaction information. 

Quantitative Portfolio Metrics

Everyone intuitively knows that Bitcoin is risky. We help you understand and manage that risk, with metrics including correlations, Sharpe ratios, and diversified portfolio modeling. We are focused on long-term investing and do not provide short-term trading advice or technical analysis.

Protocol Governance

Bitcoin's decentralized governance, a peer-to-peer network of nodes with proof-of-work timestamping, has proven to be resilient and innovative. We provide insights on historical and future Bitcoin protocol development. 

Business Strategy

Over the past five years, we have seen both startups and large companies make successful strategic investments in Bitcoin as well as avoidable blunders. From pre-seed capital to IPO, we provide investors with unique insights on the prospects of a company's Bitcoin strategy.

Sustainable Investing

Strategically investing in Bitcoin's open source software is an opportunity to build relationships, identify trends, and propose new directions. We help investors direct their open source funding to software engineers and projects who have a proven track record of creating value for the Bitcoin ecosystem.


It might make sense just to get some in case it catches on.
— Satoshi Nakamoto, January 17, 2009


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